Last week we successfully exhibited at the AUSA Global Force Symposium in Huntsville, Alabama. We had the opportunity to meet and connect with many new and existing customers. It was our first time exhibiting at an AUSA show, and we were glad to have participated.

As the authorized exclusive distributor for their products to the U.S. Government, we were pleased that representatives from both Sielman® S.A. and Miba Bearings® LLC attended the show with us. Exhibiting at AUSA underlined the importance of meeting customers in person, as they were able to see first-hand our commitment to supplying quality parts from industry leading suppliers. Maven understands that our role as a manufacturer’s distributor means being on the front lines for the companies we represent. We are proud to display our manufacturers’ capabilities and show our customers the wide range of products we offer.

Maven is always looking for new opportunities in domestic and international markets. AUSA was the perfect medium through which we were able to gain a heightened understanding of the evolving needs of U.S. Land Systems market. With this enhanced knowledge, Maven is better equipped to adapt to the needs of our customers, at home and abroad. We look forward to continuing our involvement in future AUSA shows, and we intend to exhibit at other important trade shows in the U.S. and overseas to increase our presence in these markets.